AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles

AGV carts (ROBOTS AGV – Automated Guided Vehicles) provide maintenance-free transport of elements, for example, from the place of storage to the place of assembly or processing. They are also used in various other phases of the production or storage process. The AGV robot can be used both as a trolley pulling “wagons”, as well as an independent vehicle used to transport elements. AGV self-propelled carts are equipped with the necessary sensors, 3D cameras and scanning systems that can be freely selected and programmed.

The most important benefits for the company resulting from the use of self-propelled trucks include: maximum efficiency, increased speed and mobility, minimization of losses, excellent process efficiency. With various variants and types of devices, we are able to create various systems that will be tailored to the requirements of your company.

MAXAGV is a Swedish company that is a world leader in the delivery of automated guided vehicles – AGVs, used in material handling processes as part of internal logistics, designed and manufactured in accordance with the international safety standards ISO 3691-4: 2020.

Polaris Engineering, as an authorized representative of MAXAGV in Poland, offers a number of standard AGV models and custom solutions that can be adapted to specific needs and requirements.

In addition to the available standard models, we can offer dedicated projects for special applications, AGVs for heavy loads and FLT conversions – conversion of manual forklifts (FLT) into AGVs. We also offer AGV vehicles cooperating with ASRS – automated storage and retrieval systems. MAXAGV has a wide range of vehicles, thanks to which we will adjust the appropriate solutions to the specific needs, possibilities and expectations of our customers.


Solutions based on AGV systems find numerous applications in the following industries:

  • automotive – assembly lines for engines, chassis; final assembly processes;
  • food – production and transport of food and drink containers; solutions integrated with the swinging rack systems;
  • pharmaceutical – a response to high quality and hygiene requirements; systems for transporting pallets with medical devices from high temperature sterilization chambers to shuttle warehouses;
  • chemical (also plastic production) – AGV vehicles are used to transport chemical vats and their derivatives in the mixing process, as well as specially designed containers and cages with plastic bottles in the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) production process;
  • paper / printing – one of the first sectors to start using AGV carts; handling and transportation of large paper rolls and storage of paper rolls in factories and printing plants;
  • electronics – transporting components, assembling products to / from the production line; AGV vehicles can be adapted to transport loads in strictly defined clean environments;
  • warehousing – intelligent warehouses thanks to AGV solutions that automate repetitive tasks and eliminate damage to warehouse racks; MAX AGV solutions can be integrated into the main ERP system of the warehouse and provide excellent traceability of goods;
  • industrial – one of the largest markets using AGV solutions – primarily to improve production processes; MAXAGV serves as a key element in performing flexible, repetitive tasks in their industrial environment;
  • defense – AGV vehicles improve and integrate processes in defense autoclaves, where components are heated to extreme temperatures;
  • End of Line – AGV End-Of-Line Systems are widely used in high-speed commodity trading companies, particularly in mass production sectors where products need to be quickly and safely transported from the end of production lines to internal warehouses or distribution areas.


We offer individual customization, meet the wishes and needs of our customers – the MAXAGV system can be integrated and operated in almost any environment. Depending on the application sector, we can supply the appropriate AGV models to ensure safe and efficient transport. If you are interested in this solution, please contact us. Our employee will give the possibilities and present the calculation of the return on investment in robotization.


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