Coboty - cooperation robots

Cobots, i.e. collaborative robots, which a rapidly growing branch and an increasingly popular direction in production automation. For many reasons, companies decide to choose a collaborative robot that literally works hand in hand with humans. The specificity of cobots allows them to work with people, and advanced safety technologies enable work without the need to put up fences.The use of cobots as the best solution in the production robotization process is mainly used in work related to manipulating a detail, assembling elements and performing precision operations with the assistance of an operator. At the same time, cobots do not contribute to a significant reduction in employment, as they mainly support employees, not replace them.Therefore, cobots work directly with people, are easy to implement and are an interesting proposition for companies planning changes in production, including robotization. If you are interested in this solution, please contact us. Our consultant will present a calculation of savings from such an investment and present the best solution for your companyLearn about the savings from investing in robotization. Fill in the basic information about your company and we will provide you with a calculation of the return on this investment.


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