POLARIS ENGINEERING Sp. z o.o. is a company operating in selected areas of technic and technology. Initially, it specialized in the construction of equipment for testing oil pipelines, operating in the group of companies associated with PERN Płock – the operator of the Polish sections of the Przyjaźń pipeline. In this way, pioneering designs of equipment for testing oil pipelines with non-destructive methods from the inside (ultrasound) Korsonic 800, sets of smart cleaners, and then the Kaliper 800 equipment for testing pipeline geometry, also from the inside, were created. In 1994, the team of KORSONIC authors received the NOT I degree award and the title of “The Master of Technology – Warsaw ’94”.

At that time, unique designs of hermetic single- and multi-segment devices were created, capable of staying in pipelines filled with crude oil or its products and covering hundreds of kilometers of the route, registering data on corrosion losses, damage and distortions of pipeline geometry. For the implementation of these tasks, many innovative design and material solutions have been developed, including large-size elastomer sleeves, test stands, devices for handling the sending and receiving chambers of intelligent cleaners.

To this day, the work is continued, after several organizational and capital changes, by the company Naftoserwis Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw.

In 1993, in cooperation with APS, the spinning machine was modernized at ZM MESKO, and in 1996, the TRANEMO 250A-13 press was modernized for Alfa Laval Agri Polska Sp. z o.o. At the request of FESTO Sp. z o.o. a technological station for moving TV sets was built and launched in THOMSON – Piaseczno.

The sailing inclinations of the management staff and their contacts resulted in cooperation with the Investment Society of the Agros Group (TIGA S.A.) in the field of developing the concept of organization and construction of sailing bases in Masuria. In the years 1997-2000, facilities were built in the yacht port in Sztynort and the project of the yacht port and the Zdory recreation complex was born.

Using the skills and powers of the Licensed Property Manager in the Management Board, the Company managed commercial real estate in the years 2005-2009 and participated in investment projects in Warsaw, Masuria and Piwniczna Zdrój.

The Company's history

The POLARIS ENGINEERING Sp. z o.o. company was established in 1993 as a development and continuation of works carried out at Solaris Engineering S.A. since 1989. After capital and ownership changes in the Solaris Group, within which subsidiaries specializing in several areas of new technologies operated dynamically (Solaris Laser SA, Solaris Optics SA, Solaris Engineering SA, Solaris Holding SA), a team of leading engineers established a new company, SOLARIS ENGINEERING Sp. z o.o. With the next change of ownership in 1997, by disconnecting from the Solaris Group, which transferred its main activity to the areas of capital activities (leasing, banking, insurance), the name was changed to POLARIS ENGINEERING Sp. z o.o. referring to the sailing passion of the majority of the staff.

In the following years, analogous devices for testing oil pipelines and its derivative products with smaller diameters were developed – Korsonic 500/600 and Kaliper 500/600. Engineers of POLARIS ENGINEERING Sp. z o.o. under these projects, additionally conducted attestation and certification works in the field of operational safety in potentially explosive atmospheres, cooperating in this area with the Central Mining Institute – the Barbara Mine and Huta Ferrum (1994 – 1996).

The second field of engineering activity of POLARIS ENGINEERING Sp. z o.o. was the implementation in Poland of the WATER JET technology – treatment of materials with a high-energy stream of liquid. The engineering team of POLARIS ENGINEERING previously worked with the first Water Jet device in Poland, and after changing its owner, in cooperation with the Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining (IMBiGS), he developed and built a technological stand for commercial and research exploitation and promotion of the technology. Along with the development of this technology in Poland, the company offered its services in the field of cutting difficult materials with a water-abrasive jet, among others laminated glass (armored glass – banks, casinos, defense industry), stone, special alloys of metals, composites, etc. (1993 – 2000).

Parallel to the above activities, POLARIS ENGINEERING Sp. z o.o. undertook the implementation of prototype and unit designs of devices and technological lines.

In the years 1994 – 1995, a number of devices for the automation of the production of ventilation elements were commissioned by PPHU KOSS in Nadarzyn.