Retrofit of CNC machine tools

We modernize CNC machine tools based on the highest quality components, based on a proven and valued in the machine tool industry CNC control. The delivered components and subassemblies come from one supplier, which guarantees reliable operation. The use of drives individually selected for your machine, cooperating with a reliable and precise reading of the linear (angular) position in conjunction with the highest class PLC electronics guarantees reliable operation of the machine for many years of operation.

Retrofit of CNC / NC / conventional machines:

productivity increase thanks to the robust machine body
increase in productivity based on the possibility of a new CNC control
reducing service downtime – new drives, rulers, controls
reduction of energy consumption
the possibility of implementing production automation

We start each retrofit with a careful inspection of the technical condition of the machine. Together with the contractor, we establish an action plan and the expected results of the automation implementation. Based on the diagnosis, our team of engineers begins the comprehensive preparation of the machine modernization plan. Many years of professional experience along with numerous trainings and practical courses in the latest solutions allow us to best match the necessary components to your needs.

Modernization of machines increases the company’s competitiveness, while reducing costs. A CNC machine tool retrofit costs about 50% when purchasing a new machine with similar parameters and machining capabilities.

CNC machine control modernisation

The machine retrofit is related to the modernization of the machine tool control, and thus the implementation of new functions and increased control productivity, as well as the possibility of using the latest instrumentation to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of operators and the machine itself.

Along with the implementation of the new control, we also provide services in the field of:

training in the use of the new control
implementation of new functions
technological analysis

Modernisation and automation of the machine park

In the current situation of increasing the competitiveness of companies and products, we are looking for areas where it is possible to apply improvements and improve efficiency, the so-called bottlenecks in production. Our clients struggled with problems related to the lack of cooperation between machines on the production line; downtime – the machine is waiting for the operator; additional activities around production – changeovers, etc. Our experience allowed us to streamline the process and eliminate downtime along with the implementation of production planning and production automation.