About Us


Providing customers with access to the widest possible offer of devices for the improvement and automation of production, while ensuring effective service at the highest level.

Our targets

  • Caring for customer satisfaction through high quality of services
  • Providing tailor-made products for companies
  • Providing solutions, that improve the efficiency of production companies
  • Building a long-term partnership with clients
  • Implementing ideas from concept to product
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Continuous education and development of employees in the field of modern technologies

Polaris Engineering has been operating on the Polish market for almost 30 years.
In 1993, it started operating in the industrial sector, focusing on selected areas of technology. Thanks to the commitment and knowledge of employees, the company has achieved numerous successes in implementing the latest technologies in the industry.

The Company has many years of experience in the industrial sector, focused in the area of ​​introducing and applying modern technologies on production lines, with particular emphasis on automation and robotization. The company cooperates with global producers and suppliers of industrial robots and other devices for the improvement and automation of production.

We approach each client individually, and by using our knowledge and experience, we design and implement innovative and optimal solutions.